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As a true local Orlando original brand, founded in 2011, ORLANDO STATE represent everything groovy about culture & collegiate themed apparel.   We LOVE Music!  MusicIZlove #savedbyMusic #SBM.  #onelove 

Driven to support student artists & athletes, achieve their career dreams by pledging to  scholarship & career work opportunities.  MOJO iz #dogooddeedZ ...  

Happy Artist Friday 


"Thee Happiest Collegiate brand."


At its inception, itZ slogan was "the highest institution in the land" and to some original supporters of the brand, it still iZ (and yes, we fully support home gardeningZ & tech engineering)

powered by dynaBOOST technology.

We exclusively support the local culture  - food, arts, & music / local entertainment. 


...home of the Good TimeZ

O.STATE / skate team / c.2011
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