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    Name: ORLANDO STATE Slogan: Thee Hipster Collegiate Brand Mascot: Good TimeZ Est: 2011 Location: Orlando, Florida, United States President: Eddy Mazarredo Conferment: Undergrado, Grado, Doctorado Athletics: Participates in all major sports Motto manducare, bibe et mari (latin) Stadium: Orlando State Stadium (capacity 420,000) Arena: Orlando State Arena (seating for 42,000) League: I.C.L (International Collegiate League) Coat of Arms
    As a participant in Orlando State, you will receive: 1- Orlando State Picture ID 2- Student Discounts where student discounts apply (movies, sporting events) 3- Student Rate on Amazon Prime 4- Student Rates on Car Insurance 5- Access to special Orlando State Tailgating Events
    PRIME edition: Any and all merchandise from ALPHA GEN (1st generation) FIT: In describing fit for any and all merchandize, the following are present: * BLAZE // for gents ..:: also noted as ^ * CHALAZE // for ladies ..:: also noted as v
    Pass it Left <-- Foundation. As the name implies, the Pass It Left <-- Foundation, was created to educate and bring awareness to the smoking culture. In support of passing the doobie to the left, the fundamental principle & honor the predecessesors & the local farmers whom without their years of cultivating, we wouldnt be at this point. Give Thanks. #counterclockwise #passitleft #supportlocalfarmers
    Undergrado, Grado Doctorado // Doctorado are also known as PHD. The degree is an honorary bestowment and can only be attained as an honorary gesture or submission recoomendation from the Advisory Council. The Advisory Counil is made up all active Doctorados and majority. Doctorados are also considered members of the 'ALL-BLACKS'. The ALL-BLACKS are easily distinguished by their title distiction and by their all BLACK, Orlando State vestiture. Merchandise for ALL-BLACKS can never be purchsed. LinkedIN Doctorado graphics will be presented to Doctorados as well as the distinction on their Official Orlando State Student ID card.
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